Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Web Testing Checklist about Usability

Navigation -
  1. Is terminology consistent?
  2. Are navigation buttons consistently located?
  3. Is navigation to the correct/intended destination?
  4. Is the flow to destination (page to page) logical?
  5. Is the flow to destination the page top-bottom left to right?
  6. Is there a logical way to return?
  7. Are the business steps within the process clear or mapped?
  8. Are navigation standards followed?
Ease of Use -
  1. Are help facilities provided as appropriate?
  2. Are selection options clear?
  3. Are ADA standards followed?
  4. Is the terminology appropriate to the intended audience?
  5. Is there minimal scrolling and resizable screens?
  6. Do menus load first?
  7. Do graphics have reasonable load times?
  8. Are there multiple paths through site (search options) that are user chosen?
  9. Are messages understandable?
  10. Are confirmation messages available as appropriate?
Presentation of Information -
  1. Are fonts consistent within functionality?
  2. Are the company display standards followed?
  3. - Logos
    - Font size
    - Colors
    - Scrolling
    - Object use
  4. Are legal requirements met?
  5. Is content sequenced properly?
  6. Are web-based colors used?
  7. Is there appropriate use of white space?
  8. Are tools provided (as needed) in order to access the information?
  9. Are attachments provided in a static format?
  10. Is spelling and grammar correct?
  11. Are alternative presentation options available (for limited browsers or performance issues)?
How to interpret/Use Info -
  1. Is terminology appropriate to the intended audience?
  2. Are clear instructions provided?
  3. Are there help facilities?
  4. Are there appropriate external links?
  5. Is expanded information provided on services and products? (why and how)
  6. Are multiple views/layouts available?

Reference - http://testinglink.in/topics/web-testing-checklist-about-usability


  1. Very nice and interesting post. I have even framed few points about web application testing. Hope you would like it - http://bit.ly/1oOWj0C

    1. Thanks Jack.
      Your blog is also very interesting.


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